Encanto is an agricultural biotechnology company focused on providing the highest medical therapeutic value to patients. It represents the culmination of years of professional industry experience combined with the highest quality approach to cannabis productions from beginning to end.  

We choose to offer only the highest quality brands and products. Quality to us means that the product is what it says it is and that no corners were cut in its production. We hire and train the most knowledgeable patient consultants so that they can provide quality service and share accurate information.


Seed To Sale

Encanto Tree controls the entire process of bringing cannabis to you through its vertically integrated model. We handle it all – from the moment the seed is planted to the moment its ready for you to buy and try.

Encanto Tree

Quality You Can Trust

Before anything hits the Encanto Tree shelf – it has been thoroughly tested by 3rd party labs – guaranteeing you can trust what you’re buying. If it doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t offer it to you. Period.

Our unique variety of products are designed to specifically treat debilitating conditions and improve quality of life.


Patient Education

The more you know about how cannabis can help improve your health and happiness, the better off you’ll be. Cannabis consultations can be requested in a comforting, private space at any time. We enjoy sharing our knowledge with beginners and seasoned experts alike.

Committed to community

We choose to offer only the highest quality brands and products, and our journey is unique with the most knowledgeable consultants. By combining the best products and services we guarantee optimizing your lifestyle.